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3G Wireless

Our courses are unique and different from others as we cover the 3GPP specifications which are required for IT industry development and testing. We also cover entire protocol stack of LTE covering 35+ courses just in LTE updated to the latest rel-10 and beyond. With this detail engineers are immediately able to develop software and test the respective modules with testing tools. Courses are specific to a specific series/TS-Spec (like or as required by developers. We also conduct development Labs for development of the respective modules as practical’s during the courses.

Some Unique and special Benefits of our courses :

The trainees would be able to do the following :

LTE (4G) Module Course Name
LTE Technology None - Beginners or with GSM/WCDMA Experience
1 LTE Fundamentals
2 LTE Network Architecture (23.002)
3 LTE Design Overview (36.300)
4 E-UTRAN Architecture (36.401)
L1 Protocols Pre-requisite (LTE Tech)
5 Phy Chan Modulation(36.211)
6 Mux & Coding(36.212)
7 PhyProcedures(36.213)
L2 Protocols Pre-requisite (LTE Tech)
8 MAC (36.321)
9 RLC (36.322)
10 PDCP (36.323)
L3 Protocols Pre-requisite (LTE Tech)
11 RRC(36.331)
12 RRC(36.304)
13 S1AP(36.413)
14 X2AP (36.423)
15 NAS(23.401)
16 NAS(24.301)
LTE Advanced Pre-requisite (LTE Tech + L1 + L2 Modules)
17 LTE-Advanced L2 (36.912)

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